About the Comic

Goddess of Paradise is a panel-by-panel narrative adventure webcomic.
An ancient goddess wakes from a long slumber only to find her divine authority mysteriously taken from her. In order to restore her former glory, she’ll need to journey across the remains of her territory, reunite with close relationships, and face the problems she left with them long ago.

Updates are pretty infrequent as I have decided to finish the story’s whole first half in one go! Check twitter/patreon for news on that.

Content Warning: some bad language and suggestive themes. Although most of the comic is clean, suggested reading age is [18+]


About the Author

Dee S.: I’m a genderfluid freelance artist in Cali who loves bold colors, music, space, and divine shenanigans. If I’m not working on this comic I’m probably slaving away in a fast food kitchen~