Goddess of Paradise


An ancient and powerful goddess wakes from a deep slumber only to find every aspect of her godhood mysteriously taken from her. Now she must track down her nine divine spirit partners in order to restore her power (and punish whoever is responsible), but the greatest opposition to her goals turns out to be the relationship problems she left behind.

Goddess of Paradise is a character-driven adventure story narrated in second-person. It reads one panel at a time with scripted text at the bottom, sort of like a storyboard, and incorporates word bubbles later on in the story like a traditional comic would. It is pretty Gay, and all main characters are Black. The author is black and genderfluid. Hi.

I tend to keep things light but this story contains mature themes so 18+ reading is advised!
cw: suggestive/sexual themes, morally questionable behavior/dismissal of said behavior, mortality jokes, partial nudity, language

There is currently no regular update schedule! Please check my Twitter and Patreon for updates on the comic's status.